Meet the Team

Executive Office

Vanessa Ridley
Chief Healthcare Compliance Officer & Chief Privacy Officer

Wandralee Lindtzie
Executive Analyst to Vanessa Ridley

Manfred Zorn
Compliance Data Manager


Mark Mayeda
Compliance and Privacy Officer, BCH Oakland

Michael Victor
Privacy Investigator

Jaison Mathew
Privacy Supervisor

Mike Lee
Business Intelligence Specialist

Noor Kalkat
Privacy Analyst

Caitlyn Folta
Manager, Privacy

Mike Benevento
Privacy Investigator


John Naranjo
Executive Director, Compliance

Stacey Temple
Compliance Analyst, Hospital Services

Catheryne Stormo
Sr. Compliance Educator, Revenue Cycle

Charla Stewart
Sr. Healthcare Compliance Analyst

Thaddeus San Pascual
Sr. Compliance Analyst, Professional Services

Sherry Salapare
Administrative Analyst

Lena Nguyen
Compliance Analyst, Professional Services

Casey Nelson
Privacy & Compliance Analyst

Tselate Mussie
Compliance Analyst, Professional Services

Yelena Kushner
Compliance Analyst, Government Audit

Aimee King
Compliance Analyst, Professional Services

Andrea Houghton
Associate Director, Revenue Cycle Compliance & Audit

Shelly Harris
Sr. Compliance Consultant, Government Audit

Jacquie Eichhorn
Sr. Compliance Analyst, Clinical Research Billing

Nicole Delange
Manager, Healthcare Compliance

Wendy Del Real
Compliance Educator, Revenue Cycle

Kelly Burns
Compliance Analyst, Professional Services