Healthcare Compliance
UCSF is dedicated to providing excellent medical services in an ethical manner and in compliance with the law.

Healthcare is a complex and heavily regulated industry. Failure to meet these stringent regulatory mandates may cause harm to our patients, the financial integrity of the health enterprise, and the reputation of the organization. Furthermore, the Department of Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General strongly encourage all healthcare providers to implement effective compliance programs as outlined in the United States Sentencing Guidelines.

The Healthcare Compliance Program was established to help promote a culture of compliance and support the UCSF Health workforce in their efforts to advance our organization’s mission in an ethical and compliant manner. In addition, the Program helps the UCSF Health community navigate the healthcare regulatory environment and avoid the fines, penalties, or negative publicity that can distract us from achieving our mission.

Please share the Deficit Reduction Act notice with all of your employees and your billing and coding contractors and/or vendors.

Program Scope

The Compliance Program has been endorsed by the UC Board of Regents and the UCSF Chancellor. The specific elements of the Healthcare Compliance Program are outlined in the UC Health Sciences Compliance Program (PDF) policy.

The Program covers all personnel and entities that are responsible for: direct patient care services, clinical support services, or ensuring that members of the clinical enterprise carry out their responsibilities in a legal manner, consistent with federal, state and local laws and regulations. This list includes vendors, contractors, and UCSF representatives, such as administrative management and staff, faculty, clinical staff, house staff, and other health care personnel, including non-salaried faculty and volunteers.

Examples of Our Activities

  • Educating the UCSF workforce on key compliance topics such as preventing fraud, waste and abuse
  • Providing guidance and clarification to UCSF workforce on applicable laws, regulations, and policies 
  • Performing special projects to improve compliance in identified areas of risk
  • Conducting periodic risk assessments to inform the OHCP work plan