Ethical Standards & the Code of Conduct

The University of California (UC) has adopted the Statement of Ethical Values, which contains 12 standards that apply to all members of the UC community. We recognize that we hold the trust of the people of the State of California and are committed to Integrity, Excellence, Accountability and Respect as outlined in the statement. UCSF upholds these principles as outlined in the UCSF Code of Conduct.

The UCSF Health Code of Conduct and Principles of Compliance Policy addresses areas known to be at risk for compliance violations. It provides additional information on appropriate conduct to follow and suggestions for handling problems that could arise. Some standards will fully cover a topic while more complex issues may require you to obtain further information, as needed.

Does the Code of Conduct Apply to Me?

The UCSF Health Code of Conduct and Principles of Compliance applies to all UC employees, contractors, vendors, volunteers, faculty, and Medical Staff who provide services at or on behalf of UCSF Medical Center. If you are a member of the UCSF Health workforce, you are responsible for knowing the Code of Conduct and following it. You are also responsible for following all federal and state laws, regulations, policies and procedures that apply to your area of work. Failure to do so could result in corrective action and/or disciplinary measures.

What Are My Responsibilities?

Commitment and engagement from the entire organization is necessary for an effective Healthcare Compliance and Privacy program. It is the responsibility of everyone to:

  • Know and comply with the Code of Conduct and the laws, regulations, policies and procedures as they apply to your job;
  • Avoid involvement in illegal, unethical, or otherwise improper acts;
  • Seek guidance when in doubt about your responsibilities;
  • Report any suspected or actual violations of the law or UC policy;
  • Immediately notify the Office of Healthcare Compliance and Privacy if the government excludes you from participation in any federally-funded programs.

What if I Have a Question or Concern?

The opportunity for you to ask questions and raise concerns is a cornerstone of a successful compliance program. We support open discussion of ethical and legal questions and concerns regarding compliance issues. If you have questions or concerns with any area of compliance, please ask for help. It is always better to ask before taking an action that might be improper. There are several options available to the UCSF community to Report a Concern.

As member of the UCSF workforce, you have a responsibility to report any activity that appears to violate the Code of Conduct or any applicable laws or regulations. If you are aware of a compliance violation and fail to report it, you may be subject to corrective or disciplinary action. UCSF will not tolerate retaliation against any individual who, in good faith, raises questions or reports suspected violations. UCSF has established policies and procedures for appropriately managing such reports and investigating reported allegations. Additional information be found on the UCSF Whistleblower Policies and Procedures website.